Breakfast in Ubud Bali

Free coffee with every breakfast main before 1pm

Daily from 9am

Rise and Shine, Ubud! Enjoy a delightful breakfast at The Blue Door Bar and get a free coffee on us.

Start your day in the heart of Ubud with mouthwatering breakfast flavors and warm hospitality. Catch up on your favorite morning sports, including NRL, AFL, UFC, Boxing, and NBA.

Our breakfast, made with fresh ingredients, offers everything from classic bacon and eggs to indulgent pancakes topped with fresh fruit and maple syrup. We also have vegetarian options to suit every dietary need.

Enjoy freshly brewed coffee with your hearty breakfast, and start your day energized. Visit The Blue Door Bar to see why our breakfast is the talk of Ubud. View our menu below or drop by to savor our delicious dishes firsthand.

To book a table, contact us via email or WhatsApp.

Breakfast at the blue door bali